Overclockzone visits GAMDIAS

One of the most famous media, Overclockzone visit and interview GAMIDAS at 2013 Computex Taipei. GAMDIAS presents three main products in the video. ZEUS, the high-end gaming mouse has 11 keys, 9 of them are programmable. ZEUS has a tool-less design for adjusting grip area. 8200 DPI, and 516 on board memory. HERMES, the powerful … Continue reading Overclockzone visits GAMDIAS

Linus visits GAMDIAS booth at 2013 Computex

Linus is in the house The most well-known gaming reviewer worldwide, Linus and his best partner Slick visit GAMDIAS at 2013 Computex Taipei. They interview GAMDIAS and make a video of product introduction. What’s more surprising, they are highly interested in GAMDIAS products, and even put product introduction video on Linus Tech Tips. Check out … Continue reading Linus visits GAMDIAS booth at 2013 Computex

Press release of 2013 Computex Taipei

GAMDIAS Almighty and Professional Gaming Gears Gaming Art in Motion- Are You Ready GAMDIAS, the professional gaming peripherals has been released since 2012, and it is ready to rock the gaming world this summer, 2013. The first three letters GAM stands for gaming art in motion, and DIAS is the Latin word for god. Therefore, GAMDIAS … Continue reading Press release of 2013 Computex Taipei

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