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Gamdias Announces the HERMES RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Gamdias Announces the HERMES RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard 

Gamdias is on a mission to bond performance with pizazz.


BREA, CA FEBRUARY 29, 2016 ­ Following the successful HERMES 7­Color release, Gamdias is proud to announce their latest high­performance keyboard: the HERMES RGB. It’s the latest model in Gamdias’ long­running HERMES lineup. Built with the professional gamer in mind, the HERMES RGB is a concoction of raw power and elegance. Boasting a whopping 16.8 million colors and modifiable lighting effects, the HERMES RGB provides countless customization options for a personal touch.


The HERMES RGB is a feature rich keyboard that’s perfect for gamers who seek complete control over their gameplay. With its 32 bit ARM Cortex ­M3 microprocessor, gamers can store up to six unique profiles that are switchable on the fly. When combined with Gamdias’ HERA software, gamers can customize sound FX alerts, DPI & keystroke sensitivity, remap individual keys and even send pre­recorded voice messages to fellow gamers with the click of a single button.


Durability and precision are some of the key elements that define a successful gaming keyboard, and the HERMES RGB is built to withstand even the most heavy­handed of users. However, the HERMES RGB carries its solidity with style. Its design boasts sleek curves and a fine matte finish that effortlessly repels dust and fingerprints, and the Gamdias certified mechanical switches ensure unprecedented accuracy when typing and gaming.


HERMES RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Highlights: 


  • 8 Million Colors and Customizable Lighting Effects
  • 32bit ARM Cortex ­M3 Microprocessor
  • Play Macro via FN+G1/G2
  • 1000Hz Polling Rate
  • 6 Game Profile Sets
  • Anti­Ghosting N­Key Rollover
  • 50 Million Keystroke Lifecycle


Stay tuned for the official release date and price. For product updates and latest news, check out our website and social media platforms below. If you would like to request a unit for review, please contact Grace Chiang at:  [email protected]


About Gamdias: 

Originally founded in 2012, Gamdias has delivered dozens of award winning gaming peripherals that balance quality and affordability. The Gamdias brand is powered by ancient deities, with each product themed after various various Greek gods. For more information about Gamdias and our products, please visit our website at:

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GAMDIAS Announces the HERMES 7-Color Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

GAMDIAS Announces the HERMES 7Color Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

GAMDIAS is on a mission to bring you the finest gaming peripherals in 2016.

BREA, CA JANUARY 25, 2016 -What better way to kick off the new year than with some shiny new gaming tech. The release of the brand new HERMES 7Color Mechanical Gaming Keyboard (GKB3000) is just around the corner, and it’s one of the most ambitious keyboard designs from GAMDIAS to date. The new HERMES 7-Color model improves upon the best elements of the highly successful HERMES GKB2010, and promises to deliver unprecedented precision and comfort. HERMES’ new ergonomic design is crafted with hardcore gamers in mind, providing unparalleled durability and customization options.

The GAMDIAS HERMES 7-Color keyboard features a Neon Light Spectrum with seven adjustable backlights and nine built-in preset light effects with five customizable patterns. Elegant metal plates are added for extra durability during intense gaming sessions, and the anti-slip rubber feet ensure the HERMES stays put regardless of how heated the action becomes. The GAMDIAS certified mechanical keys feature a 50 million actuation lifecycle, giving HERMES longevity for years to come. The TTC Blue Switches give the keys a lighter overall feel and provide gamers with a tactile bump and audible click for better feedback when typing.

GAMDIAS remains committed to bringing gamers the most diverse customization options, and the HERMES GKB3000 isn’t shy when it comes to advantageous extras. With up to eleven speed adjustment levels, five custom pattern shortcut keys, exchangeable WASD/Arrow keys and a consecutive Attack Mode, there are enough tweaking options for every gaming situation.

HERMES 7-Color Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Highlights:

  • 7 Colors Backlight
  • 1000Hz Polling Rate
  • Anti-ghosting, N-key
  • 11 Speed Adjustment Levels
  • Consecutive Attack Mode
  • Custom Pattern Edit Mode
  • Fitted for Right and Left Handed Gamers
  • 50 Million Keystroke Lifecycle
  • TTC Blue Switches for Better Feedback When Typing

 Stay tuned for the official release date and price. For product updates and latest news, check out our website and social media platforms below. If you would like to request a unit for review, please contact us at: [email protected]


Originally founded in 2012, GAMDIAS has delivered dozens of award-winning gaming peripheral that balance quality and affordability. The GAMDIAS brand is powered by ancient deities, with each product themed after various Greek gods. For more information about GAMDIAS and our products, please visit our website at: / (USA)


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2015COMPUTEX – New Launch !

Taipei, Taiwan (June 2, 2015) – GAMDIAS, manufacturer of innovative gaming gear famous for its state-of-the-art crafting and pioneering design, announced their new generation of gaming selection this summer. The company will be exhibiting the new EROS ELITE headset and HERMES LITE keyboard at Computex Taipei, June 2-6, in Nangang Exhibition Hall (1F) booth# I0830.

Following up on the success of 2014’s exclusive design, GAMDIAS once again created one of the coolest, strongest yet comfy-oriented gaming headsets for fellow gamers.
Looking at its architecture design, the light-weighted headband with indirect heat sink in inner ear cup offers ultimate comfort even after long sessions; and the ergonomics ear pads are inter-changeable, making the replacement possible based on different usage circumstances.

Sharp contour like arrows with cool color finishing provides strong technology touch; an impressive 50mm unit driver that gives strong bass and clear treble allows the gamers to catch every details of sound effect during game play; and the mighty 7.1 virtual surround sound that equips you with unrivalled positioning skill. It will be effortless to exert your full skill in the frantic warzone and pin-point your enemy with this guide by your side.

As to gaming keyboard, taking its cue from some of the hottest trend, this year GAMDIAS gives you the most economic choice of all. In the sea of mechanical keyboards, HERMES LITE focuses on basic user demand and extends this into the distinct design elements of the HERMES series. Not only is the keyboard light-weighted, simple and flexible, the five-phase back and breathing light modes gives you a much better gaming experience. The turbo keys are compatible with the WASD direction keys and allow you to exert optimal battle capability during games. The six different macro game settings plus two sets of shortcut combinations will make you a fast and lethal killer in all your games. All these exceptional features make HERMES LITE ideal for anyone who is looking for a well-equipped keyboard with limited budget.

“We regard ourselves as a company for gamers, and we are a brand working with gamers. We improve ourselves by responding to each feedback and that’s where our new products come from.” Said Dennis Su, Sales Director of GAMDIAS. This year before summer ends, GAMDIAS will launch both EROS ELITE and HERMES LITE, and another top-of-the-line product, HERMES RGB gaming keyboard, giving you the full composition of lush and luminant satisfaction.

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Bringing CE Company GAMDIAS to Gamers Looking to Save Big, Play Hard

By Wonacott Communications

After successfully breaking into Asian and European markets, GAMDIAS, a Taiwan-based gaming gear manufacturer, asked the Wonacott team to help introduce its new budget-friendly product lineup to the U.S. market. The company is known for making quality PC and gaming peripherals that aim for practicality and artistic design. With the summer season in full swing, the Wonacott team quickly hopped on board to formally announce their new summer lineup to help drive pre-orders and secure review coverage.

Being the new kid on the block can be a tough gig, especially when the popular kids have never heard of you! But this was no problem for the Wonacott team – kicking off our review program, we started our media outreach with the new Eros V2 headset. In a crowded market place (there are a lot of headset options for gamers) positioning is critical. We created messaging that the Eros V2 is quality gaming headset that won’t break your bank, and targeted core sites in the general gaming, MMORPG and gear/consumer tech communities, along with the niche geek enthusiast crowd. Using this strategy, we secured reviews across our target outlets including:, Game Front, GEEKSCAPE, IBT,, SLASH GEAR…

Additionally, we secured interest and are expecting coverage from several more outlets.

GAMDIAS is quickly rising with the popular crowd as hardcore and casual gamers can both agree on the price and value of their products. The whole team at Wonacott loves getting their game on with the Eros V2 and we can’t wait to see what new products GAMDIAS has in store!

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GAMDIAS Unveils PC Gaming Peripherals for Price, Quality Discerning Gamers


BREA, CALIF. – July 31, 2014 – GAMDIAS, the pioneering gaming gear designer and manufacturer, today revealed its new line of dedicated PC gaming products. The summer lineup includes four laser and optical mice, two headsets, a gaming keyboard and a gaming keyboard-mouse-combo, all of which embody GAMDIAS’ commitment to provide gamers with the best features available at the most affordable prices. The new products will be available for pre-order on Friday, Aug. 1 through

“We believe that a fantastic gaming experience does not have to break your bank,” said Eldon Su, CEO, GAMDIAS. “With relentless research and innovation, GAMDIAS is able to offer premium quality gaming peripherals that are also budget-friendly.

Having extensively studied the movements and user preferences during gameplay, GAMDIAS’ award winning team has designed intuitive technologies aimed at maximizing PC gamers’ agility and in-game experiences. To enhance mouse performance, the weight tuning system was introduced to maximize dexterity. The ARES keyboard is designed with OTF Macro Record and function modes so that gamers can have both ease of operation and control of customization. In addition, the two headsets feature advanced acoustic systems, unidirectional microphones and in-line remotes to produce amazing sound quality.

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2014 DREAMHACK Valencia

We are so excited to join 2014 DREAMHACK Valencia, the largest computer festival in Europe.

Our sponsored professional gaming team, Epsilon CS:GO will attend this big event as well, ready to rock the eSports world! At DREAMHACK Valencia, you can see GAMDIAS booth, and we will show the participants our top-of-the-line gaming peripherals as well as the new products, EREBOS Laser/Optical gaming mouse, OUREA Laser/Optical gaming, ARES/ ARES Essential gaming keyboard, and EROS V2, HEBE V2 gaming headset.

We are looking forward to seeing you all at 2014 DREAMHACK Valencia.


Exhibition information

Date: July 17~20, 2014

Location: Feria Valencia, Valencia, Espana

Booth No: no.13, ZONA EXPO