HERA Application

HERA is the heart of all GAMDIAS products.

HERA is a ‘Green’ application.  It is lightweight and portable.  The HERA application does not need to run at all times in background or at system startup time (unless you want it to), nor does it leave remnants of itself behind in the registry.

Simply run HERA.exe when you are ready to unleash the power of GAMDIAS engineering!

Through HERA, gamers can customize their experience to their particular desires.  Some features include…

  • Switch Keyboard and Mouse profiles with a single click
  • Change sound FX alerts, DPI, keystroke sensitivity
  • Define macros that combine keyboard and mouse instant messaging functions
  • Send pre-recorded voice messages to teammates with the touch of a button
  • Define Keyboard and Mouse luminance
  • Muscle Memory feature records Keyboard and Mouse usage statistics
  • Remap Keyboard and Mouse keys, and a whole lot more!

The integrated EOS sound configuration software provides Virtual 7.1 Surround Sound, Full Equalization, Voice Modification and a host of Environmental Sound Effects.

2016.02.05 v2.5.1


Support device: Hermes RGB (GKB1050)




multi-language string fixed.

☛ 2015.11.01 v2.4.6


1. All headsets’ Logo is unable to show.

2. GMS7300: Can not be set KeyAssignment as Precision Aim.

3. GMS7300: Wrong string of feature Blueprint.

4. GKB6000: Improve performance of CPU usage.

5. Special characters can not be displayed correctly in Windows 10.

6. GMS5500 & GMS5510: Adjustment presets.

☛ 2015.09.17 v2.4.4


Full functionality for Erebos Lite (GMS7300), by upgrading firmware to v1.03

☛ 2015.08.28 v2.4.3


Support device: Erebos Lite (GMS7300)


Firmware-Update passivity.

Download Software (37.71 MB) Download User Manual (6.46 MB)
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