Aegis USB Hub GST1100

AEGIS Artful Gaming Accessory

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Model Number: GST1100

The GAMDIAS AEGIS Artful Gaming Accessory is a multi-functional work of art.

This beautiful (rear-facing) 1-to-4 Port USB 2.0 Hub, Headset Hanger and Cable Management system has been designed to perform all 3 functions while optimizing space. The GAMDIAS AEGIS has been designed to be placed aesthetically on the edge of your monitors frame and is held in place by 3M adhesive strips that are strong yet fully removable without damage to your monitor or leaving behind sticky residue.

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  • Achieving space efficiency

    Optimize desk space by affixing AEGIS to the edge of your monitor with specially designed adhesive strips
  • Built-in rotating arm for holding headset

    Convenient, rotating Headset hanger-arm designed for easy placement and retrieval and to optimize desk space
  • Minimalist design of mouse bungee

    Minimalist design of mouse bungee allows unencumbered movement of the mouse.
  • Aesthetic rear USB port

    Rear-facing 4-port USB hub promotes a more asthetically pleasing gaming environment


  • Cable Length
    1.5 meter
  • Dimension(LxWxH)
    178 x 98 x 34mm
  • Working Principle
    USB 2.0 Hub
  • Ports
    1 Upstream Port and 4 Downstream Ports
  • Media Support
    USB cable (Length : 10 meters)
  • Transmission Rate
    1.5Mbps /12Mbps/480Mbps
  • Per-Port Output Voltage
    DC +5V
  • Per-Port Output Current
    500mA (max.)
  • maximum output Power
    2.25w (Four interface accumulation)
  • Weight
  • Temperature
    0ºC ~ 45ºC
  • Humidity
    10% ~ 90%
  • Using with AC adapter can let each USB port offer 500mA output
  • M Size
  • L Size


  1. 5 out of 5


    Talk about convenience. This is just the thing I needed to keep things nice and tidy. I can buy a mouse, headset, keyboard, and this from Gamdias Gaming and still have plenty of funds left in my budget build!!

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