Apollo Optical Gaming Mouse GMS5101

APOLLO Extension Optical Gaming Mouse

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Model Number: GMS5101

When it comes to satisfying the needs of every gamer’s playing style, APOLLO optical gaming mouse truly delivers with flying colors, an unrivaled design concept that has a removable back-shell for you to improvise during your gaming sessions. APOLLO gives you the luxury to either claw, palm or fingertip grip your mouse with extreme comfort. Furthermore, if you are an FPS enthusiast, then APOLLO is going to be one of your best friends ever. With consecutive attack button and cursor sensitivity tuner both adjustable instantaneously in the heat of the battle, APOLLO opens up a brand new battleground experience for you. Making headshots and killing enemies will come as easy as if you were James Bond. GAMDIAS APOLLO offers a brand new meaning to FPS – Fantastic Playing Sensation

God-like Playability is Indispensable to Every Gamer

Customizable Grip Calibration

APOLLO gaming mouse is suitable for gamers who want to tailor the sensitivity levels to every gaming situation; and is perfect for gamers who use a fingertip or ‘claw grip’.  Or the mouse can be enhanced by installing the ergonomic back shell case for the gamers who likes to rest their palm.

Consecutive Attack, Sensitivity Tuning

Holding down the mouse wheel will adjust to five different speeds to allow for consecutive attacks – maximizing your in-game fighting power. Gamers holding the right key and drifting key, will change the speed of the cursor and immediately accelerate or decelerate according to the speeds setting.

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  • Optical Sensor

    Maximum tracking power for precision navigation
  • 3200 DPI

    3200 DPI for pixel perfect accuracy
  • 64K (Onboard Memory)

    Plug & play on different PCs storing 5 profiles, macro assignments, and muscle memory achievements
  • 10 millon click lifecycle

    Heavy-duty 10 million click lifecycle
  • Luminance Lighting Control

    Customizable profile lighting and luminance
  • 5 Smart Keys

    5 programmable keys for strategic assignment of macros, profiles, keyboard keys, media controls, windows functions, etc.
  • Sensitivity Switch

    Unique adjustment key to select between 5 user defined sensitivity settings
  • Consecutive Attack

    Unique adjustment key to select between 5 speeds of consecutive attacks
  • Military Grade USB Cable

    Military grade braided cable with gold-plated USB connector


  • Weight System
  • Cable Length
  • Keys
    5 keys
  • Resolution
    up to 3200 DPI
  • Polling Rate
    125 / 250 / 500 /1000 Hz
  • Built-in Memory
  • Dimension(LxWxH)
    118.6 x 69.8 x 40.3 mm(w/ back shell)
  • Tracking Method
    Advanced Gaming Laser Sensor
  • Switch Lifecycle
    10 Million
  • Graphical UI


  1. 4 out of 5


    I picked up a few of these of Newegg when they had a sale for 14.99 (Shellshocker). Knowing what I already knew about Gamdias products I did not anticipate being disappointed, but as it was the lowest price I had seen for one of their individual mice, I weighed that I would probably be getting what I paid for.

    I was wrong, its an excellent little mouse with only a few dislikes.

    Button placement for left and right side, while they are big buttons, it is a little wonky feeling.

    Your main L/R click requires more pressure… Not unbearable, its solid feeling, but if you make the swap from an ultra sensitive click mouse, then you will notice the difference.

    It’s a little small for my hand, but my 6 year old built his first PC and he likes it for his little hand, He takes the back extension off and its a perfect little gaming mouse for his little palm. (Start them young!)

    I was also surprised at the RGB support, for such an inexpensive, yet expensive feeling mouse. Good Job Gamdias.

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